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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Real Life Wear: Maxi-mum Effect

WHAT: Black print maxi dress with chiffon overlay, purchased at Belk (southern department store) for about $45. Worn with black gladiator sandals and my Charlotte Russe sunglasses.

WHERE: Took a brief little runaway vacation to the beach with my good friend, J, and that night after a few luxurious hours in the sun I went with her family to dinner at Philip's seafood house and out to put-put and go-karting. I wouldn't recommend go-karting in a maxi dress... although I still managed to beat J, I may have flashed a couple people on the sideline. Regardless, she kicked my ass at mini-golf.

WHY: The breezy overlay of this dress is perfect for a warm summer night out. It has such a romantic feel to it with the blue flower print, especially when it ruffles in the breeze, and the strapless design is fantastic for showing off your newly acquired summer glow. Also, I love maxi dresses for the minimum amount of effort they require and the maximum amount of style they deliver. I imagine this dress would be perfect for occasions from date night to family dinner to, of course, mini golfing. =] But maybe not go-karting.

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