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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Real Life Wear: Fun In Florals

WHAT: Blue floral chiffon skirt from Forever 21, worn with A&F cardigan, white tank top, la mer chain wrap watch and black gladiator sandals.

WHERE: On my way to an optometrist appointment and out afterwards to run errands, I decided that I needed a bit more flair in my life. Considering that the sky was gray and I haven't had a chance to really get the mileage out of my skirts this summer, I decided to brighten things up, this being the result.

WHY: I just ordered this watch from Urban Outfitters about two weeks ago and haven't really gotten around to testing it out. The big peace signs next to the forest green arm band really make me think unique, outdoors inspired thoughts, so I went with the floral skirt to have my own reincarnation of nature in my outfit---sunny yellow cardigan, wildflower skirt, forest green watch. Plus, the breezy nature of the fabric is perfect for those warm summer afternoons when you're popping in and out of your sweltering car while running errands. All in all, a very happy outfit to bring some smile to a not so interesting afternoon.

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