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Friday, August 14, 2009

Impending Fall 09: Reader Opinion Request

Currently I'm preparing a few articles for next week and they are mainly centered around one thing: the upcoming fall season. As I was doing so, I asked a couple of my closest friends and family what their fashion and wardrobe related goals were for fall 09. Here were some of their answers:

1. My mom-- (who is 50 years old, five feet even and a little less than 120 lbs, very small) "...to find clothing appropriate for women over 40 that doesn't look like a tent but still carries a price tag that the mainstream mom can afford to consider."

2. My sister-- (who is a rising senior in high school) "...to find timeless clothing that makes my old things look new."

3. My friend-- (a rising junior at a well known university in Boston) "...to find a good pair of boots that aren't ugly but can still see me through the Boston winter."

4. My sister's friend-- (also a rising senior) "...to find the perfect, classic, versatile, casual but polished oxford button down."

This got me thinking... everyone has different things that they focus on when it comes to their wardrobe, because everyone's style is constantly evolving with time. Although each season will eventually come to pass, I don't think we will ever achieve that perfect sense of style we've always dreamt of; I don't think it's meant to be achieved. Mistakes in style are what help you learn what it is you want to grow and strive for. What are your goals in style for this fall season, and how do you plan to achieve them? What is inspiring your current wardrobe, and how do you plan to go about channeling that inspiration to create a more fabulous, fashion forward you? I'm going to take this weekend, as I write my fall season preparation articles, to really consider what fashion and style mean to me, and how I plan to make my style evolve this fall. Hope you're inspired to do the same!! Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

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