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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Harem Pant: Trend in Review

Over the past two seasons or so, one trend that has surfaced to the near front of the fashion world is harem pants. I first remember spotting harem pants and falling madly in love with them on Ralph Lauren's runway for Spring 09's RTW. The beautiful silks and fabrics swished about the models' legs in such a fantastic way that embodied casual luxury done more successfully than any trend I could remember in a while, and perhaps MOST exciting was how comfortable a trend this promised to be. They are, after all, practically pajama pants!! Naturally, I'd soon realize that in fact, therein lies the danger.

As it turned out, I was tragically disappointed by retail's effort at translating this runway godsend to real life wearability. To this day, I still can't help but be put off by most all harem pants. The slouchy, unkempt appearance of mainstream retail's jersey/cotton versions are nothing compared to runway looks, but who can afford better?? At least for the time being, I put harem pants on a mental trend shelf. I cannot bear to ruin what looks so phenomenal on the models by wearing a tragic version of it myself.

So determined, I did some research on harem pants just to see what I could find. Apparently, the first time the westernized version of this style became popular was in the early 90s by MC Hammer (hm, definitely not looking to channel that era... ) but they actually originate from Turkey. Interesting, but trying to find a flattering version of these pants, especially in the States where we are SO far behind that I'm consistently forced to go online, was near impossible. The rest of the world couldn't wait, obviously---I have it on good authority from a friend who spent a month in Italy this summer and La Petite Fashionista, who's studying abroad, that "everyone" in Europe is taking part in the harem trend, which is evidenced also by the fairly broad selection available at topshop.com.

Well that may be for the Europeans, but I hate wearing anything that "everyone" else has. I had all but given up on this harem trend, thinking to myself that maybe it was one trend that just wasn't meant to be, but then about a week ago these appeared on modcloth.com. I don't know why, but everything just clicked. Their striped pattern is just eclectic enough to be unique from the rest of the harem pants, AND they don't look like I've just rolled out of bed in them (also more affordable at $39.99 than many of topshop's picks). The fashion gods be praised---I put in an order for them last night and can't wait until the mailman rolls up to my door with the find. Until then, I already planned a potential outfit for them and have it for you guys to look at/drool over. Enjoy! Let me know what you think... I'd also love to hear anyone else's thoughts on the harem trend.

Earth Brown

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gray No More

So, remember that pair of sneakers that I told you all I was going to rough up a little?? Well they FINALLY came in the mail yesterday right before I left for work, so this morning I had a little fun with some bleach out on the back deck, these being the results. =] What do you think? I gotta say that I was actually planning on the bleached areas turning white, although I don't know why because they are marketed as overdyed. Nevertheless, I like how fun and interesting they turned out. Now all I have to figure out is what to wear them with, right? Haha. Here's how I went about this quick little D.I.Y. :

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: bleach slightly diluted with water, latex gloves, paint brush, bleach pen, paper towels to control the damage.

Really all it took after I mixed the bleach was a little creativity and some nerve. I must admit, this being my first D.I.Y. I was a bit nervous I might ruin them. But, barring any sudden disasters that involve completely dunking the sneakers in bleach, I don't know how anyone might ruin this kind of project. After the first couple timid flicks of the brush, I experimented it with directional casting, overhead drops and even flicking the bleach off my gloves. Really, just have at it. The best part about this was that less than fifteen minutes later, I had a pair of lovely one-of-a-kind sneakers on my hands. Definitely worth the wait.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday's Muse: Hot Hot Pink

One trend I've definitely been noticing lately is how many starlets are popping out to the red carpet in some seriously enviable hot pink ensembles. Be it Megan Fox at a Transformer's premiere in Russia or Bar Rafaeli at the Model as Muse event, the hot pink trend is an international one that people all over can recognize as a sexy, polished and mature look. Perhaps the most interesting of all these ladies' outfits are the different ways they manage to wear the simple staple of a hot pink dress to make it their own. Amanda Bynes and Megan Fox opt for some gold jewelry, while Bar Rafaeli, Blake Lively and Megan Fox went for some unexpected footwear decisions to shake things up. And though Bar, Amanda and Blake chose to keep it simple with the hair, Megan went retro glam while Victoria Beckham, always the trendsetter, went more severe and edgy with her look with the short dark hair. I also love that Victoria made the look her own by incorporating part of her trademark passion for menswear with the fitted blazer top to her dress, while Megan and Bar make their looks unique with eye-catching embellishments on their dresses. Most importantly, despite such an overwhelming color that can easily overpower your look, each and every one of them pulls it off flawlessly (minus Megan Fox's shoes.... I won't lie, I can't stand such a deep red next to that pink). So, inspired by each of their looks, I kind of took a little bit from each of them and made my own hot hot pink ensemble, a super affordable version I might add.
Hot Hot Pink

What do you think?? And how would you wear this lust-worthy look??

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Application for College Fashion

Hopefully if you're reading this, you're either Zephyr from collegefashion.net or a lovely passerby. In either case, welcome to my blog! Though still in its early stages, I think with some time and a little TLC that it could have potential. Feel free to read on about my top five favorite fashion trends right now and a list of potential topics that I'd enjoy blogging about in the future, and please do stop by from time to time or even get in touch via one of the options listed at your right. Enjoy!! =]


1. FALL 2009 STYLE RESOLUTIONS. The beginning of the new school year is always a good time to start fresh with your life---be it new goals academically, socially or in this case, fashionably. Always wanted to start something new and creative with your wardrobe? Make a promise to yourself at the start of the semester and stick to it!!!

2. HOW TO STAND OUT IN UNIFORM. We all have to wear uniforms at some point in our lives, especially this one, where many of us are spending the time not at the library or in class at part time jobs, internships, team activities or volunteer service. So how does a fashionista stand out amongst a sea of black pantsuits, the same matching t-shirt or even a waitressing uniform, especially when it would benefit her to be memorable?? My post would address this and hopefully answer that for many college girls.

3. D.I.Y.---FABULOUS FASHION ON A BUDGET. College girls often don't have the money to spend on each season's diverse trends, so how can they keep up with it all?? Well, the creative fashionista merely goes about it a different way---she makes it herself. Especially with the recent recurrence of 80's and 90's fashion in the form of acid wash everything, crop tops, destroyed t-shirts and neon colors, there isn't anything a resourceful college fashion reader couldn't make herself with just a pair of scissors, a cup of bleach and a box of dye.

4. THOUGHT PROVOKING JEWELRY. The easiest way for a college fashionista to turn heads can often be done through her jewelry. Often times trends overtake college campuses faster than an epidemic (can you say north face + ugg boots = leggings + vera bradley??), especially in smaller towns where the shopping options are limited. So, it often suits a college girl to keep it simple with the outfit and go crazy with her accessories. She'll be drawing envious stares in no time.

5. PRODUCT (RED). Of course, all the readers at College Fashion love to shop, and no doubt they'd love giving to a good cause. Not only is Product (RED) an excuse to buy that grande latte at Starbucks or that Gap sweater you've been lusting for, but it also donates all its profits to the Global Fund, which works to reduce the spread of AIDs/HIV in Africa. Now thats a trip to the mall that we can all feel good about.

And now, my top five favorite fashion trends that I'm currently obsessing over. Maybe after this you'll join me!!

boyfriend blazers
anything nude
tulip silhouette
return of the shift dress (thanks, mrs. o)
chunky metal hardware accessories

Click on the image to get a lovely up close and personal look at those glam accessories!!

all jewelry, belts and bags courtesy of Urban Outfitters
pink shift dress found at modcloth.com
purple shift dress at lulus.com
chiffon blouse and nude pumps at shopstyle.com
all other images from style.com

Again, thank you so much for taking your time to read my application, even if you do not choose to hire me. Best of luck in the future!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Inspired by Alexander Wang (...who isn't...)

A few weeks ago I recently purchased a tank top from Urban Outfitters that I was madly in love with. At the time I didn't know what, but I knew it reminded me of something---a sort of effortless cool achieved by those lovely sagging cutout sleeves. Last night I was mulling through style.com's archive of RTW Fall 09 shows, looking for some inspiration as I strove to get together a look for my fall wardrobe, and I stumbled across this photo at Alexander Wang and nearly did a double-take. Had I known that the tank top I was so in love with was really just a blatant rip-off of Alexander Wang, I may have been more persuaded to try a more honorable way of achieving the style via DIY, but now that I'm stuck with it I secretly am quite excited with what I can do with it. Possibilities are practically endless:

-Tucked into a grey pencil skirt with some killer black stilettos for the office?
-Paired with acid wash denim for a modern take on the back-to-the-80s trend?
-Incorporated into your rainy day outfit, played up by some bright fire-engine red rainboots for a look sure to brighten up some grey skies?
-Or maybe with your favorite dark skinnies and a pair of booties with some tough hardware, to bring out your inner rock chick?

What do you guys think???

rainboots: target.com $24.99
booties: charlotterusse.com $39.99
acid wash pants: modcloth.com $47.99
pencil skirt: modcloth.com $39.99

Friday, July 17, 2009

DIY or die??

As I spoke of in my introductory post, one of the things I've realized as a void in my closet is the presence of DIY projects. I don't have the slightest idea how to sew or dye things or add embellishments, but I do have a fierce creative desire to create some pieces of my own, especially with the recent buzz generated in the blog world about the UO DIY or DIE event held in NYC. And how could ANY self-respecting fashionista pass up the chance to be able to smile sweetly at a compliment and say, "Oh, this? I just made it myself!" =] So, without much guidance or instruction, I've decided to make it a mission to plunge forward into the world of DIY, with these sneakers from Urban Outfitters as the preliminary project. They look like a perfect blank canvas to start with. Also on my mind:

  • Destroying/Shredding/Embellishing an oversize V-neck tee shirt. The ideas I have for this are endless. Where to begin?? Paint? Rips? Bleach? Beading?
  • Cropping an oversize tee shirt. After being inspired by The Glamouri on Blogger, although I have no idea how to sew, I'd love to learn so I can make myself a slouchy grey version.
  • Overdye/Dyeing some old clothes. Jessica Schroeder is a fabulous example of dyeing projects that turned out amazingly.
  • And of course, these DIY grey sneakers. I plan to use bleach to turn them into some super cool 80's inspired acid wash kicks.

Going into this alone is admittedly a bit daunting... I can't say that I'm 100 percent confident I won't ruin my clothes completely, but I'm too smitten with the potential results not to give it a go. If anyone has an ideas or tips or even book recommendations that might teach me how to sew, I'd love to hear from you. Pictures promised once I get my hands dirty. What do you think of my DIY plans??

Pleased to Meet You, Blogosphere

Hi! If you’re reading this, I guess you’ve stumbled upon my humble attempts at the beginnings of a fashion blog——one that I hope will someday do justice to the level of depth which I confess to be involved with in the fashion world. Until then though, I am completely a novice, absolutely out of my element in the blogosphere, so I hope that even if you can’t bear with me (I won’t hold it against you) you will eventually check back. I’m a quick learner, I promise. So, let’s get to it, shall we??


            My name is Mya and I am currently a twenty year old college student at a large public university in Virginia. And, I believe, now the face behind the blog that is “Believe In the Color”. =] I’d like to start off my first post as a bit of an expose on why I decided to start a fashion blog, and perhaps touch on the hopes and dreams that I have for it. As a brand new blogger, I hope not only to make an influence on the internet fashion community but also meet tons of cool fashionistas like myself, and also the ones not so like myself. Maybe they’ll help me get inspired!


            I’ve held off on blogging period, let alone about fashion, for a long time now. Fashion may consume many a waking moment for me, but it isn’t the only thing I think about. I mean, I’m a college student with a job. Why not blog about THAT? Never mind that I check daily a bookmark list of my favorite fashion blogs that is perhaps twenty sites long, or that I am obsessed with sample sale sites and may go broke because of them. I guess you could say that I wasn’t really sure I had anything to contribute to the fashion community that was worth reading, and I felt that way for a long time. I was content to read all my favorite blogs without the need to reply. But, like every fashionista, my needs changed. More and more I found myself combing the internet unsatisfied with the posts of blogs I had previously found innovative and original, now rendered repetitive and even sometimes boring. I don’t expect this blog to solve that problem for any one else out there feeling the same way, but I do hope that it will inspire you to maybe look at your fashionable life and find the voids as well. Maybe it will help you color in the holes. That’s why I’m calling this blog “Believe In the Color”.


            So, I hope for the time being that this brief introduction will suffice as I delve into the fashion world. Having stood on the sidelines of the internet fashion blogosphere for a long time, I have a good idea of where I’d like to go with the site, but trust me, that idea is NOT set in stone. If you have comments, suggestions for a post or for the blog in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I always appreciate feedback and would love to hear what you have to say. All of the above being said, I’ll hopefully have your first fashion post ready for you guys within the next twenty four hours. Until then, go be your colorful, fashion fabulous selves.

Love Always, Mya