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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trend Experiment: Zippered Bodysuits

Bodysuits and Glamour

A fast flying trend of late that caught on like wildfire in fashion social networking sites like lookbook, weardrobe and chictopia, the zippered body suit is one particular trend that I confess I'm a little wary about. Personally, the idea of a bodysuit in general seems to be something more suited to not only adventurous fashionistas, but girls who also don't mind having a perpetual wedgie (yes, I said it it) issue all day long. Even though I've decided not to invest in such a garment, I still think that the bodysuits themselves are extremely versatile and add interesting detail and edge to an outfit, so I created an example of how I would wear a bodysuit if I was brave enough to purchase one. What do you think of the bodysuit trend---have you tried it? Is it worth it? And how do/would you wear it?

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