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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Dressed: 2010 Golden Globes

As I have said before, I don't really like award shows--I just like all the frenzied conversation about what happens at them that wasn't supposed to happen (ripping Chloe Sevigny's Versace?! I cringed for her, that's like a $30,000 dress), and of course, all of the best and worst dressed. Sunday's awards were full of ladies looking gorgeous in black, nude or shades of purple, but my personal picks for best dressed went above and beyond the crowd. The ladies pictured above are my picks for honorable mention--I think January Jones is gorgeous and I like that she went different with the hair; Halle Berry is just so hot that it defies all logic, kind of in the same vein as Demi Moore; Nicole Kidman amazes me in pulling off that shade with her skin tone, although I don't like the way it hangs about her, and Drew was just so charming and precious with her acceptance speech that she gets an A for effort, despite the way she kind of has sea creatures sprouting from that dress. But in the end, I managed to narrow it down to three all stars:

Who doesn't love Sandra Bullock these days? Aside from giving one of the most touching acceptance speeches of the evening, I think that this purple dress is amazing. I like that it takes a risk with a sheer gown and I think that the bodice fits her so well, she looks great. I also like her hair; that kind of messy yet charming updo I think suits her strong features. Although I can't imagine wearing that myself, I think she pulls it off.
Ok, Olivia Wilde is SO HOT. I think she knows it, because you can't make this gown look any better. I love the understated sheen and sparkle of it; the dress just takes glamour to an all new level. Probably the best part about this entire look is that this is how you do cleavage, ladies--the dress draws attention to her chest and torso but nowhere else, simply skimming her frame for a longer, leaner aesthetic that is offset well by the low cut of the dress. I also really like her hair and makeup, too; a lot of girls manage to get either the dress or the makeup down but rarely manage to catch both trains, yet Olivia executes this perfectly.

Finally, my overall favorite of the evening goes to Zoe Saldana, with her beautiful romantic crimson gown. I think that this dress works so amazingly against her skin tone and at the same time, is different from all of the other dresses. Maybe I just love her because of Avatar, but I am really in love with this dress; the whole thing just works on her while still being a fashion risk, which is tough to do, and so she gets my pick for best dressed of the evening. Lovely.

All photos credit of Fabsugar

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Real Life Wear: Serious Stripes

WHAT: Target cardigan, UO striped shirt, Gap boyfriend jeans, Charlotte Russe flats, AE long necklace, gifted short necklace, unknown belt.

WHERE: First day of Tues/Thurs classes all semester. Even though it's freezing outside, I only have one class on these days and it's not till 3:30, the warmest time all day (albeit not really that warm), and so I opted to cuff the jeans.

WHY: Most of the time when I'm getting ready I start with one piece and go from there. Today I really felt like wearing my long necklace from American Eagle, so I opted for an outfit that wouldn't compete with it too much. The stripes and color palate seemed a little serious that day, so I tried to keep them relaxed by pairing them with some relaxed boyfriend jeans I don't get the chance to wear that often. I have a problem with visual proportion, and this cardigan has somewhat of a looser, "boyfriend" fit than most women's cardigans, so I gave in and did the whole Katie Holmes (sorry, Cruise) bit with my loose jeans. Too much loose just doesn't show a girl in her best light, you know?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lust List: Friday, January 8

This week's lust list is a bit contradictory--lately I've been feeling into all the cozy grays and blacks of winter but at the same time, drawn to summer oranges and corals. So, I admit the things I'm currently drooling over are a bit of a hodgepodge of both. But god, do I ever want that bathing suit. Good motivation to get my butt in the gym.

1. Butter nailpolish
2. UO Studs
3. Modcloth sweatshirt
4. VS Bathing Suit
5. UO Watch
6. Modcloth Skirt
7. Forever21 sweatshirt

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spring Ahead: Tangerine

I have never been a winter person--a snow person, maybe, but never have I been a fan of the grey and drab skies of the winter months. The blistering cold winds and lack of sunshine tend to have a negative effect on my mood and my wardrobe. Big bulky coats, more layers, darker color palates; it's easy to get bogged down by cold weather wear. One thing that does help me when I get into a winter outfit rut is looking ahead to the warmer months, the trends to come in springtime. And one of those trends is a lovely shade of tangerine.

Tangerine, a more eye-catching shade of orange, has been popping up in small but increasing doses both on the runways and on celebrities. Tangerine was a favorite in many of the Fall 09 RTW shows, mostly paired with neutrals to be the star of an outfit as in Elie Tahari, Oscar de la Renta and Jason Wu. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Miranda Kerr have been making a splash in the lovely color as well, so tangerine is undoubtedly going to be big in 2010.

As you can see, this trend looks great when paired with classic, clean cut neutrals. Black and khaki pieces allow tangerine to shine on its own while at the same time contributing to a very pulled together, classy feel. When wearing tangerine, try to incorporate one or two touches of the color into an otherwise basic outfit. Remember, let the tangerine speak for itself. Here is an outfit I've created to emphasize the power of a small dose of color with this trend. Just tuck the blouse into the skirt and add a complementary bag, and you're good to go.

So what do you think--is tangerine a trend you'll try this spring? How do you plan to wear it? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday's Muse: Hilary Duff Stays Warm in Scarves

In our own personal wardrobes, we all have our favorite items that we can't stop purchasing to wear over and over again. Some of us are shoe girls or bag girls or lip gloss girls--you know, that one item we have a million versions of because we love it so much. These are our style crutches, our go-to, fail-proof methods we turn to when dressing in a hurry. We all have a style crutch, and I love when I notice the crutch of a celebrity because it usually tends to denote the lack of a stylist and hence, the presence of a personality.

I have been an admirer of Hilary Duff's personal style for a while now because she does casual in a way that doesn't seem sloppy, which I think is trickier to master than most people realize. Hilary's go-to method for such a pulled together look is incorporating warm, chunky scarves into an otherwise simple outfit for a finished focal point that is all about performance. She is quoted by People magazine saying that she loves volume in scarves and looks for unique textures and prints when adding to her scarf collection.

For Hilary's overall outfit, scarves are about proportion--large, cozy scarves in interesting prints allow you to go simple with the rest of your outfit and simply let the scarf do the talking. This is a great look to try yourself; it's seasonally quite practical with warmer, bigger scarves, is easy on the wallet and very versatile--the addition of a scarf in your wardrobe can make all your clean basics go the extra mile. When imitating Hilary's casual scarf look, try not to wear your scarf as though it was cleanly tied; this look is about effortless, relaxed style. At the same time, try to pick a scarf that suits you. This is a great way to show your own personal taste in cost-efficient way.

Here are two outfits I've created to jumpstart your creative processes on bulkier, warmer scarves, one with a cooler more professional taste, and the other with a more casual center. Which one inspires you most, and will you take a cue from Hilary this winter?

Jacket-ASOS, Shoes-Piperlime, Tank-Modcloth, Scarf-JCrew, Bag-Melie Bianco


Scarf-Forever21, Boots-Piperlime, Bag-Piperlime, Shirt-Modcloth, Earrings-Modcloth, Jeans-American Eagle

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010? Promises Big Things

Before every big change in my life--new semesters, moving to a new location, changes in seasons--I write a list of things I want to accomplish, often both with my life and my wardrobe. I think the evolution of personal style is an important reflection of the way an individual lives their life, and so composing these lists helps me visualize what I really want in my own life and how I affect the lives of those around me. I'm sharing my style goals with you guys here, but I did write life goals too, and I posted them over at my companion blog. Otherwise, here are my style goals for 2010:

  1. Find jeans that FIT, in dark and light washes. I have a problem with finding good jeans, especially since I've gotten to college. My legs are huge but my waist is small, so that's a problem, but I WILL find them this year.
  2. Divide closet into seasonal attire. Pack, display and store accordingly--this mostly has to do with the sheer volume of clothing I possess and how it is taking over my room. See the next resolution.
  3. PURGE YOUR CLOSET. For real this time. Give things to your sisters, Goodwill, your roommates, SOMEBODY... but for heaven's sake, let them go.
  4. Get those clothes that need just a little fix to the tailor, on a consistent basis. I admit I've been skimping on the maintenance of my clothes, but that has got to change. I have so many clothes that need just a little love to be more than fabulous.
  5. Build up your stock of professional attire, and clothes that conceal your tattoo. I love my tattoo and think it's beautiful and perfectly me, but unfortunately a fair amount of people just see it as a distraction. Such is life.
  6. Buy something by a high-end designer that you a. love and b. love its fit. We are most likely talking shoes here, or potentially a watch. But it has to be perfect.
  7. Dress above and beyond at least once a week. I love dressing beyond the call of duty. It makes me feel great wherever I go and gives me a high that lasts all day. That kind of feeling helps me get motivated to do correspondingly good work, even when I don't want to.
  8. Attempt at least one D.I.Y. a season. I've talked about this in other posts--I think I have a huge void in my wardrobe here that could be filled with just a little creativity and some resourcefullness.
  9. Be creative, have fun, and be flexible with your wardrobe.

Hopefully we will all enjoy what 2010 has to offer, both stylistically and in the scope of our entire lives. Make it a good one--I have a good feeling that it's going to be a year we'll all enjoy. Remind yourself that you still have goals to accomplish with your life and write yourself a list of resolutions; it won't hurt to know what it is you want. Then, go about achieving those resolutions. Enjoy it. It's your year.