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Friday, August 7, 2009

Lust List: Friday August 7, 2009

This week's lust-worthy wardrobe items include a healthy dose of florals, some structured jackets to lead you into fall and a couple trends that are just too fantastic to pass up. What items are you coveting right now? Do any of your items coincide with mine??

1. Urban Outfitters Long Party Blazer, $78
2. Urban Outfitters silk jacquard scarf, $28
3. Modcloth Flower box garden duffel, $59.99
4. Tulle Tulip overlay skirt, $26
5. Missguided Ramona dress with zip detail in navy, £25.99
6. American Eagle Sergeant jacket, $69.50
7. Charlotte Russe bandeau bra in black, $5.99
8. Urban Outfitters Floral jumper, $42
9. Charlotte Russe yellow patent flat, $18.99
10. Topshop tapered trouser, $60

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  1. FYI - last saturday, after you left but before i moved out, i went down to AE to try on jeans and fell in LOVE with that jacket. then decided i probably couldn't pull it off all the time, and moved on with my life. your validation now makes me want that jacket even more. gah.