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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Dressed: 2010 Golden Globes

As I have said before, I don't really like award shows--I just like all the frenzied conversation about what happens at them that wasn't supposed to happen (ripping Chloe Sevigny's Versace?! I cringed for her, that's like a $30,000 dress), and of course, all of the best and worst dressed. Sunday's awards were full of ladies looking gorgeous in black, nude or shades of purple, but my personal picks for best dressed went above and beyond the crowd. The ladies pictured above are my picks for honorable mention--I think January Jones is gorgeous and I like that she went different with the hair; Halle Berry is just so hot that it defies all logic, kind of in the same vein as Demi Moore; Nicole Kidman amazes me in pulling off that shade with her skin tone, although I don't like the way it hangs about her, and Drew was just so charming and precious with her acceptance speech that she gets an A for effort, despite the way she kind of has sea creatures sprouting from that dress. But in the end, I managed to narrow it down to three all stars:

Who doesn't love Sandra Bullock these days? Aside from giving one of the most touching acceptance speeches of the evening, I think that this purple dress is amazing. I like that it takes a risk with a sheer gown and I think that the bodice fits her so well, she looks great. I also like her hair; that kind of messy yet charming updo I think suits her strong features. Although I can't imagine wearing that myself, I think she pulls it off.
Ok, Olivia Wilde is SO HOT. I think she knows it, because you can't make this gown look any better. I love the understated sheen and sparkle of it; the dress just takes glamour to an all new level. Probably the best part about this entire look is that this is how you do cleavage, ladies--the dress draws attention to her chest and torso but nowhere else, simply skimming her frame for a longer, leaner aesthetic that is offset well by the low cut of the dress. I also really like her hair and makeup, too; a lot of girls manage to get either the dress or the makeup down but rarely manage to catch both trains, yet Olivia executes this perfectly.

Finally, my overall favorite of the evening goes to Zoe Saldana, with her beautiful romantic crimson gown. I think that this dress works so amazingly against her skin tone and at the same time, is different from all of the other dresses. Maybe I just love her because of Avatar, but I am really in love with this dress; the whole thing just works on her while still being a fashion risk, which is tough to do, and so she gets my pick for best dressed of the evening. Lovely.

All photos credit of Fabsugar

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