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Friday, January 1, 2010

2010? Promises Big Things

Before every big change in my life--new semesters, moving to a new location, changes in seasons--I write a list of things I want to accomplish, often both with my life and my wardrobe. I think the evolution of personal style is an important reflection of the way an individual lives their life, and so composing these lists helps me visualize what I really want in my own life and how I affect the lives of those around me. I'm sharing my style goals with you guys here, but I did write life goals too, and I posted them over at my companion blog. Otherwise, here are my style goals for 2010:

  1. Find jeans that FIT, in dark and light washes. I have a problem with finding good jeans, especially since I've gotten to college. My legs are huge but my waist is small, so that's a problem, but I WILL find them this year.
  2. Divide closet into seasonal attire. Pack, display and store accordingly--this mostly has to do with the sheer volume of clothing I possess and how it is taking over my room. See the next resolution.
  3. PURGE YOUR CLOSET. For real this time. Give things to your sisters, Goodwill, your roommates, SOMEBODY... but for heaven's sake, let them go.
  4. Get those clothes that need just a little fix to the tailor, on a consistent basis. I admit I've been skimping on the maintenance of my clothes, but that has got to change. I have so many clothes that need just a little love to be more than fabulous.
  5. Build up your stock of professional attire, and clothes that conceal your tattoo. I love my tattoo and think it's beautiful and perfectly me, but unfortunately a fair amount of people just see it as a distraction. Such is life.
  6. Buy something by a high-end designer that you a. love and b. love its fit. We are most likely talking shoes here, or potentially a watch. But it has to be perfect.
  7. Dress above and beyond at least once a week. I love dressing beyond the call of duty. It makes me feel great wherever I go and gives me a high that lasts all day. That kind of feeling helps me get motivated to do correspondingly good work, even when I don't want to.
  8. Attempt at least one D.I.Y. a season. I've talked about this in other posts--I think I have a huge void in my wardrobe here that could be filled with just a little creativity and some resourcefullness.
  9. Be creative, have fun, and be flexible with your wardrobe.

Hopefully we will all enjoy what 2010 has to offer, both stylistically and in the scope of our entire lives. Make it a good one--I have a good feeling that it's going to be a year we'll all enjoy. Remind yourself that you still have goals to accomplish with your life and write yourself a list of resolutions; it won't hurt to know what it is you want. Then, go about achieving those resolutions. Enjoy it. It's your year.

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