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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gray No More

So, remember that pair of sneakers that I told you all I was going to rough up a little?? Well they FINALLY came in the mail yesterday right before I left for work, so this morning I had a little fun with some bleach out on the back deck, these being the results. =] What do you think? I gotta say that I was actually planning on the bleached areas turning white, although I don't know why because they are marketed as overdyed. Nevertheless, I like how fun and interesting they turned out. Now all I have to figure out is what to wear them with, right? Haha. Here's how I went about this quick little D.I.Y. :

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: bleach slightly diluted with water, latex gloves, paint brush, bleach pen, paper towels to control the damage.

Really all it took after I mixed the bleach was a little creativity and some nerve. I must admit, this being my first D.I.Y. I was a bit nervous I might ruin them. But, barring any sudden disasters that involve completely dunking the sneakers in bleach, I don't know how anyone might ruin this kind of project. After the first couple timid flicks of the brush, I experimented it with directional casting, overhead drops and even flicking the bleach off my gloves. Really, just have at it. The best part about this was that less than fifteen minutes later, I had a pair of lovely one-of-a-kind sneakers on my hands. Definitely worth the wait.

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