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Monday, July 20, 2009

Inspired by Alexander Wang (...who isn't...)

A few weeks ago I recently purchased a tank top from Urban Outfitters that I was madly in love with. At the time I didn't know what, but I knew it reminded me of something---a sort of effortless cool achieved by those lovely sagging cutout sleeves. Last night I was mulling through style.com's archive of RTW Fall 09 shows, looking for some inspiration as I strove to get together a look for my fall wardrobe, and I stumbled across this photo at Alexander Wang and nearly did a double-take. Had I known that the tank top I was so in love with was really just a blatant rip-off of Alexander Wang, I may have been more persuaded to try a more honorable way of achieving the style via DIY, but now that I'm stuck with it I secretly am quite excited with what I can do with it. Possibilities are practically endless:

-Tucked into a grey pencil skirt with some killer black stilettos for the office?
-Paired with acid wash denim for a modern take on the back-to-the-80s trend?
-Incorporated into your rainy day outfit, played up by some bright fire-engine red rainboots for a look sure to brighten up some grey skies?
-Or maybe with your favorite dark skinnies and a pair of booties with some tough hardware, to bring out your inner rock chick?

What do you guys think???

rainboots: target.com $24.99
booties: charlotterusse.com $39.99
acid wash pants: modcloth.com $47.99
pencil skirt: modcloth.com $39.99

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