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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Application for College Fashion

Hopefully if you're reading this, you're either Zephyr from collegefashion.net or a lovely passerby. In either case, welcome to my blog! Though still in its early stages, I think with some time and a little TLC that it could have potential. Feel free to read on about my top five favorite fashion trends right now and a list of potential topics that I'd enjoy blogging about in the future, and please do stop by from time to time or even get in touch via one of the options listed at your right. Enjoy!! =]


1. FALL 2009 STYLE RESOLUTIONS. The beginning of the new school year is always a good time to start fresh with your life---be it new goals academically, socially or in this case, fashionably. Always wanted to start something new and creative with your wardrobe? Make a promise to yourself at the start of the semester and stick to it!!!

2. HOW TO STAND OUT IN UNIFORM. We all have to wear uniforms at some point in our lives, especially this one, where many of us are spending the time not at the library or in class at part time jobs, internships, team activities or volunteer service. So how does a fashionista stand out amongst a sea of black pantsuits, the same matching t-shirt or even a waitressing uniform, especially when it would benefit her to be memorable?? My post would address this and hopefully answer that for many college girls.

3. D.I.Y.---FABULOUS FASHION ON A BUDGET. College girls often don't have the money to spend on each season's diverse trends, so how can they keep up with it all?? Well, the creative fashionista merely goes about it a different way---she makes it herself. Especially with the recent recurrence of 80's and 90's fashion in the form of acid wash everything, crop tops, destroyed t-shirts and neon colors, there isn't anything a resourceful college fashion reader couldn't make herself with just a pair of scissors, a cup of bleach and a box of dye.

4. THOUGHT PROVOKING JEWELRY. The easiest way for a college fashionista to turn heads can often be done through her jewelry. Often times trends overtake college campuses faster than an epidemic (can you say north face + ugg boots = leggings + vera bradley??), especially in smaller towns where the shopping options are limited. So, it often suits a college girl to keep it simple with the outfit and go crazy with her accessories. She'll be drawing envious stares in no time.

5. PRODUCT (RED). Of course, all the readers at College Fashion love to shop, and no doubt they'd love giving to a good cause. Not only is Product (RED) an excuse to buy that grande latte at Starbucks or that Gap sweater you've been lusting for, but it also donates all its profits to the Global Fund, which works to reduce the spread of AIDs/HIV in Africa. Now thats a trip to the mall that we can all feel good about.

And now, my top five favorite fashion trends that I'm currently obsessing over. Maybe after this you'll join me!!

boyfriend blazers
anything nude
tulip silhouette
return of the shift dress (thanks, mrs. o)
chunky metal hardware accessories

Click on the image to get a lovely up close and personal look at those glam accessories!!

all jewelry, belts and bags courtesy of Urban Outfitters
pink shift dress found at modcloth.com
purple shift dress at lulus.com
chiffon blouse and nude pumps at shopstyle.com
all other images from style.com

Again, thank you so much for taking your time to read my application, even if you do not choose to hire me. Best of luck in the future!!!

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