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Monday, September 14, 2009

Best Dressed: MTV VMA's 2009

all photos credit of fabsugar.com

All Kanye-drama and Russel Brandisms aside, last night's VMA's were without any good heat. You know what I'm talking about--the outfits. I mean, I totally understand that it's the MTV Video Music Awards, not the Oscars (although T-Swift could have been at either with her dress), but does that mean EVERYBODY has to go with a short sparkly minidress in black or silver paired with platform pumps? Oh, and a fake tan? I just find myself in a state of shock when my picks for best dressed end up being cast members, previous or present, of The Hills. There must be some kind of stylist conference going on in east Asia or something, so that all of the girls must have had to call a universal replacement styling agency and therefore all ended up in similar ensembles. Shame. First up! Ladies and gentlemen it's Whitney Port.

Amazing! I adore it. Whitney and I generally do not see eye to eye on all things fashion. She has a tendency to go out looking like she forgot half her outfit, but props to the girl for trying to figure out the crop top trend. Her tan looks healthy and normal, her nailpolish is eye-popping, and she is working this cross-trend piece of body con and sheer panels. I like that her hair isn't tightly plastered or hairsprayed and her part is imperfect. Perhaps most importantly, she has the balls to step back and let this dress speak for itself by going small with the jewelry and pulling her hair off her face. I would go with a different pair of shoes, but these aren't terrible. All in all, I appreciate that she stepped outside the box a bit. Next up: Lo Bosworth.

So on The Hills, my impression of Miss Lo Bosworth is that she plays the sweet, humorous friend that says most of what everyone else is thinking but doesn't have the guts to say. Consequence being, she was (is?) my favorite. So maybe I'm prejudiced, but I LOVE this minidress. I love it's vintage inspired feel, the eclectic pattern, the short hemline... I just love it. Most of all, it works for her. If you're going to go along with the crowd (short sparkly black or silver minidress and pumps) do it in a way that makes it seem like you're NOT doing it. Know what I mean?

So what do you think--do you like Whitney/Lo's ensembles? And who was your favorite for best dressed?


  1. i like whitney's dress better than lo's! whitney always wears the cutest little dresses! :)



  2. Whitney looks a little ho-like...and sort of like she topped it off with a french maids apron from the kitchen....(reminds me of Cher in the 80's).Jen's is definitely the nicest. Bob